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9.29.2021: The leaves are just beginning to turn in Indianapolis, Indiana with pleasant summer-like weather this week~Boomer Blogger. (P.S. Missing-U)

Rik Has his Say about Beautiful M'ai Hong.

There's nothing more beautiful than being young and in love.♥️~Boomer Blogger

10.7.2021 : From the Archives of Boomer Blogger Literary~Remember me? (Missing U)

June 30, 2021 Have a blessed and fun Summer!~Boomer Blogger

April 18, 2021 From my Garden:. Spring mint 4 the 1 i ♥️ Looking forward to seeing you @ my E-magazine!~Boomer Blogger May 17.2021

Thanks so much for your patience. I hope you'll love this story as much as I do!~Boomer Blogger

Thank you for joining Boomer Blogger Literary for "The Secret Life of an Exotic Woman: A Love Journey." Please join me for the next chapter, "The Rik & M'ai Hong Power Duet." I know you'll love it!~Boomer Blogger

This short story is very special to me and I hope you like it. Please join Boomer Blogger Literary for the next chapter, "Rik + M'ai Hong 4 ever!~Boomer Blogger

What do you think so far about my short story? Please join Boomer Blogger Literary for the remainder of the chapter "Rik + M'ai Hong 4 Ever!~Boomer Blogger

Brave and courageous M'ai Hong decides to move forward with the investigation, and more PME sessions. Join Boomer Blogger Literary as M'ai Hong continues in "The Secret Life of an Exotic Woman: A Love Journey." ~Boomer Blogger

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