I hope you like my new quill pen and inkwell logo!~Boomer Blogger

Great prices are available on full-page and logo ads!~Boomer Blogger

Find your calling--i did!~Boomer Blogger

9.1.2021--The stories for this issue are now posted. Thanks for your patience!~Boomer Blogger

Baby Boomers are the demographic cohort following The Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. (Bing Images-12/27/2019)

"THIS IS OUR CULTURE!" (Bing Images 12/27/2019)

R U 1 of US? (Bing Images 12/27/2019)

How do I know? I'm a woman!~Boomer Blogger

Have a fun and blessed Summer! ~Boomer Blogger


Recycling is as easy as 1-2-3!~Happy Earth Day 2021 from Boomer Blogger Literary!

Love lasts for more than a day.~Boomer Blogger 2.10.2021

Our new friend @ Our Boomer Culture--There's more to come!~Boomer Blogger (P.S. It's about 50 degrees today in Indianapolis, Indiana 1.21.2021.)

This is one of my faves from 2020!~Boomer Blogger (1.21.2021)

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