10.16.2021: Thank you for joining me for the September/October issue of Boomer Blogger literary E-magazine!~Boomer Blogger

"I extend my warmest welcome to the nation of China as their visits are now included in the number of readers at my Boomer Blogger literary E-magazine website!"~Boomer Blogger(Bonita Vaughn.)

9.29.2021: The leaves are just beginning to turn in Indianapolis, Indiana, with summer like temperatures this week. Thanks for visiting my website!~Boomer Blogger (©Photography by Bonita Vaughn, 9.28.2021)

10.16.2021: Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Fall!~Boomer Blogger

A Haiku Today...by BonitaVaughn

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Happy 4th of July 2021 from Boomer Blogger Literary E-magazine!

Oh beautiful! Taken at the Indy community fireworks celebration in my neighborhood. (Photo by Bonita Vaughn) 7.4. 2021 @ 10:00 p.m.

To my valued visitors: Please go to the menu to Polaris Art Gallery for an excerpt from my new book "Georgia O'Keeffe: America's Greatest Artist." Thanks~Boomer Blogger

I'm having so much fun with this--It's so inspirational!~Boomer Blogger

Sorry for any duplications due to technical difficulties--Let's have a great Spring!~Boomer Blogger March 20, 2021

9.25.2021: Thanks for visiting my website! Please feel free to use these quotes for any press releases.~Boomer Blogger

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